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Feb 11th, 2024

Gabby Cooper

With a grandfather who owned an antique shop and a love for upcycling furniture, Gabby has a passion for secondhand shopping and giving old pieces new life.
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How Schoopers Antiques is Supporting South Australia's Thriving Screen Industry.

Schoopers Antiques has played a supporting role in South Australia's booming screen sector by providing authentic props and set dressing. Housing a vast array of vintage, retro and antiques, our store has become a one-stop shop for transporting productions back in time.

Collaborating with Local Productions.

Whether it's browsing for inspiration or outfitting sets and locations within period pieces, some directors have come for Schoopers' expertise and resources. Store manager Gabby notes that enquiries from local film companies have increased in recent years as more projects put down roots in SA.

We love seeing South Australia brought to the screen using real pieces from our collection. It's incredibly rewarding that our shelves hold treasures that can help envision different eras.

Vintage Items for Netflix.

One of Schoopers' biggest recent collaborations was with the crew of Desert King, Netflix's new six-part series which began filming locally in 2023. Set against the backdrop of a family-run cattle station in 1940s outback Australia, the drama required authentic items from that period. Desert King will be released globally on Netflix as part of Netflix’s growing local slate of Australian productions.

The production designers spent some time in the store checking on vintage items for all the rural homes featured in the series. They found camping equipment, billy teapots, an open fire frame, vintage milk cans, pots, old tool boxes, enamel plates, cups, bowls, a vintage dinner gong and so much more that we sourced from the mighty Riverland, items that really helped set the scene.

While we are still waiting excitedly to catch glimpses of their contributions in the hotly-anticipated drama. Netflix isn't the only studio tapping into Schoopers' vintage items. Earlier last year, ABC's production team for an upcoming historical mini-series spent time perusing collectibles for inspiration such as an old Singer Overlocker and vintage floor lamps. We need to refrain from divulging specifics to avoid spoilers, but note it will be set in South Australia in the 1950s.

Of course, not every find makes the final cut, each piece tells a story.

Ongoing Support for SA’s Film Industry.

For Schoopers, partnerships with productions have brought welcome exposure alongside the thrill of discovery. It's so satisfying that items sitting quietly on our shelves for years can later be featured entertaining global audiences.

As the local screen sector flourishes, Schoopers Antiques remains committed to supporting new projects however they're able. By digging into its past, the store looks forward to continuing to play a role in shaping South Australia's screen future for many stories still left to be told.

Are you a set designer, director or part of a film crew, contact us to see if we have any pieces that will bring your scenes back to life.


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